Pinot Gris 2017

Region: Central Victoria
Varietal: 100% Pinot Gris
Alcohol: 12%
Best Consumed: 2017 - 2021

Sourced from premium grape growing regions in Victoria, this wine shows a slightly blush colour due to the juice having extended contact with the grape skins. This has produced a complex, textural and slightly savoury Pinot Gris with aromatic nuances of pears, lychees and exotic spice. Hints of spicy pear and red apple appear on the palate.

Viticulturist Notes

The fruit for the MWC Pinot Gris was sourced from the hills of the cool climate Strathbogie Ranges.  This region has warm sunny days and cool evening temperatures which are perfect for the growing of good quality Pinot Gris.  The grapes were harvested during the cool of night to maintain fruit freshness and gently pressed to minimise phenolic characters. 

Wine Harvest Notes

Vintage 2017 is best described as a waiting game.  The season was very long with fruit slow to ripen and although the urge just to pick it all was there, we had to bide our time until we had optimal flavours and ripeness.  Once I made the decision to pick the grapes came in at an orderly pace, although increased yields due to the rain in spring made the juggling game in the winery even more challenging, with tank space at a premium.  We made it through our marathon 2017 vintage and are thrilled with the exceptional quality including a number of really extraordinary parcels.

Food Recommendations:

Chilli squid and freshly shucked oysters or pan fried salmon with warm chilli lime sauce.